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Category Archives: Management Tools

Unleashing the Power of Agile Teams-A McKinsey Article

August 12, 2018

Oliver Bossert, Alena Kretzberg and Jürgen Laartz from two of McKinsey and Associate’s offices in Germany put together a useful read about how to engage agile teams in the workforce-namely through “driving ambition, removing red tape, and helping managers adjust to the new norm.”

Short Wins, Long Gains?

February 2, 2016

Recently I was presenting at a national conference when the discussion quickly turned to best practices and tools that could be used immediately in the workplace.  People in many businesses these days seem to be looking for those early, reachable “wins.” Even start-ups often seem fixated on instant gratification; I’ve heard them express deep concern for the action steps required to create new business even before they’ve properly defined their goals and delineated their market. They have a product and they want to sell it nowRead more.



The Emperor’s New Clothes: Leaders Need to See the Writing on the Wall

September 26, 2014

Not unlike the tale of the emperor who was a bit self involved and hired two swindlers to make a outfit of the finest caliber but who, in reality, makes an “invisible” outfit, some companies get caught in a similar situation by hiring expertise that makes no sense to their firm—or worse yet, don’t seem to see how an outdated business model, change in the market or even how unethical practices may cause the organization much harm.  Read more.


Bain & Company’s Top Management Tools

June 19, 2014

Ever wonder what management tools are used most in business?  Bain & Company provides a top 10 list of candidates year over year.